Offered By Us

All makes & models serviced & repaired

Type of Services

Full service
Interim service
Oil change service

Our full service and interim service is made up of point checks as recommended by The Good Garage Scheme. For more information please visit

Good Garage Scheme Sample Checklist – Point’s checks checked

Other Services Include

Air Conditioning

Classics, Vintage, Imports
Courtesy Car (Subject to availability)
Electronics and Diagnostics
MOT Testing On-Site
Vehicle Pick Up / Drop off Service (Subject to availability)

Services Arranged

Automatic Transmissions (Arranged)
Body Repairs (Arranged)
Tyres (Arranged)

Why you should service your vehicle
Servicing your vehicle offers many benefits including

Increase in Safety - Safe driving in one way is related to the condition of the car, and as such if the car’s ability to properly run is impaired, safety risks increase for all vehicle occupants and everyone else on the road. Therefore, it vital to make sure you are on top of it.

Boost Performance, Improve Fuel Economy and Save Money– A well maintained car runs better and demonstrates immaculate performance. This is why car maintenance is of utmost importance. Therefore, a properly maintained car will run better and thus be more fuel-efficient.

Extend Lifespan – A well maintained car will serve you better and last longer as well. Therefore, service and inspection on regular basis will not only ensure complete safety but will also extend lifespan of your vehicle.

To find out more about exactly what's involved in a service, as well as what kind of service your vehicle needs and how often it should be serviced, please contact us and we'll be happy to give you some personal advice.